I’m Timothy.

As the son of two Filipino immigrants, I was born and raised in California. I lived my life devouring In-N-Out double-doubles, kalua pork from L&L, Jollibee fried chicken, all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque, and carne asada burritos from my local taqueria.

You guessed it, I love food. But what I love more is telling stories. I’ve had a camera in my hand ever since I was 11, and I don’t think I’ll be letting go anytime soon.

My girlfriend/best-friend/partner-in-crime thinks I’m an absolute goofball and calls me, to quote, her sweet potato. Around her, I am never not laughing because I’m either laughing at my own lame jokes or she’s tickling me to death. Either way, everything I do - I do for her.

Life is an adventure, and it’s so much better when I have her to eat all the food in the world with, as well as to be by my side when we capture your moment together.


I graduated from

Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Although I majored in Mathematics and minored in Economics, I worked intensively with on-campus organizations to create promotional material and capture live events, ranging from dance showcases to multicultural festivals.

In my ventures off-campus, I began attending weddings and engagement proposals as both second- and primary-shooter for different events. Every second of every moment, I loved it.

When I’m on the floor capturing your moment, I’m reminded of my own love for the people that I care about.

I understand your stories because of all the emotions, all the laughter and smiles that are familiar within my own.


I’m going through it all, just like you.

We’ve been friends, each other’s prom date, high school sweethearts, pen pals, away from each months at a time as a long-distant couple, road-tripping for days without showering, exploring the world together, and continuing to live life one step at a time.

Life really is an adventure, so together we co-founded a blog, Travel Toasty, to give you our best tips on how to live your greatest adventure.


Follow our adventures on www.traveltoasty.com!