UPDATE 5/1/19:

Unfortunately, available slots for outdoor and traditional graduation portraits are currently all booked. If you’re still looking for a photographer to take aesthetic graduation portraits of you, please go check out Mikko Castano and his PHENOMENAL WORK on www.mikkocastano.com!

I’m thankful for the 50+ people I’m currently booked with for the next two weeks!




It’s finally that time of year. After four years of being on the Hilltop, you’re finally headed your way. You’re ready to leave. However, your mom is probably asking you to get graduation portraits, huh?

That’s what I’m here for — just as you’re ready to leave, I’m ready to help you get your shots so you can tell your mom that you did it. So you can tell everyone else that you made it.

So you can tell yourself that you’re ready for something more.

Franz-Proofed (5 of 1).jpg
Franz-Proofed (1 of 5).jpg

The deets are simple.

Sessions are $50/hr for up to two people, so bring a friend! For parties of more than 2, it’s $25/hr for each additional person.

- Editing time is completely free!

- As many locations within your time slot(s)

- Quick turnaround of 2-3 days to get all your photos

- Receive 60+ digital images total in raw, B+W, AND fully-color graded and proofed in Photoshop

Sound easy? All that’s left is to fill in the form below.


You made it. Let’s get started.

***Please read the update at the top of the page regarding unavailability.

First and Last
Phone *
If you would like to schedule more than an hour, please say so in the message box below! Also make sure to check the weather before you book a date and time! If rain does occur (I'd still be down to shoot in the rain), we can try to reschedule for another slot. UPDATE (4/29) - I'm grateful for the number of people who booked with me for the next two weeks! Unfortunately, this means that I currently have fewer slots available for shooting. The dates listed below are definitely available until noted otherwise. If you know me personally, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can work something out!
Please list the names of each person in the group, as well as confirm your date and time(s) below (including whether you would like to shoot for an additional hour). Also if you have any locations that you definitely want to shoot at, definitely list them! If you have any other requests or inquiries, feel free to add them here!


Looking for something more traditional?

In need of sit down portraits? Want something more simple to frame? Dreaming of a new LinkedIn headshot?

Well, I can help with that too.

These deets are even simpler:

$20 for a 45 minute sit-down portrait session (white wall)

Unlimited poses, unlimited imagination

Bring whatever, wear whatever

2-3 days turnaround to get your photos digitally

*Currently fully booked, see update note at the top of page*